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With over 40 years’ experience as a leading educator in the field of theHealing Arts, Massage, and Beauty Therapy, Kathryn Lorenzini has a gift for “lightingfires” and setting the spark in assisting others to pursue their dreams.Kathryn’s love for inspiring others along with her sincere desire to encourage,motivate, and help others to simply feel better about themselves is infectiousalong with her “no option for failing” mantra. An enthusiastic,thought-provoking speaker and educator, Kathryn inspires the highest levels ofconfidence in everyone she encounters.

Early in her career, she exploded in the Beauty Industry by helping teachand train many new professionals, not only training in services, but also tohave the confidence in their selves to perform and enjoy building and caringfor their clientele. Kathryn also led the start-up of Unique Image, whichservices many salons. She can walk you through a new service and give you the“I Can Do It” confidence to pursue new things in your industry. Unique Imagefounded in 1995 is located in Naples, Florida, still successfully marketedall over the country.

Kathryn was a member of the National Design Team twice for Makeup Trendswith the National Cosmetology Association. A very active member both on a State and National level, as well asState President of the Florida Esthetics Association.

Also, as a successful owner of “Kathryn Marie Salon” for 3 years, thiswas truly an eye opening, experience and gifted her an immense amount ofknowledge.

She was a trainer for Amber Wax for over 15 years, Dr Temt Skin Care andseveral other companies along with 15 years’ experience doing trade shows allover the country.

Kathrynhas been featured in several state and national newspapers, publications,appeared on several radio stations and authored a beauty column for severallocal newspapers. A free-lance writerfor national trade magazines and published two comprehensive training manualson Permanent Makeup for the beauty industry.

Inaddition, Kathryn is a licensed Cosmetologist, a licensed Massage Therapist andNationally Board Certified in Esthetics. She holds the CIDESCO International Diploma the highest earned title inthe world of Estheticians. As a pastactive member of the “Look Good Feel Better” program assisting women with alltypes of cancer to simply feel better about themselves and move forward withtheir lives. Kathryn received twoSpecial Awards from the State of Florida and American Cancer Society for herVolunteer Service spanning over 18 years. In 2016, she became the President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce inFt Lauderdale resurrecting the chapter and in 2017 passed the torch. Kathryn continues to excel in the industry asa professional.

Referencesavailable upon request. Contact Kathrynat 954-295-8141 or kathryn@uniqueimage.com