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Mustache, Beard & Sideburn Tinting Kits Mustache, Beard & Sideburn Tinting Kits

Your Beard tinting kit will include: 2 tint colors of your choice (State colors in notes section or call 954-306-8251), 3% Premium Gel developer, Artist Pallet to mix tint and Application Brush. If you like call Kathryn for a consultation.

What people are saying: I have been very happy with the RefectoCil. You have a very good product! It's just as easy to mix and apply as "Just for Men", but it actually colors the stubborn gray hair that the other won't. The color lasts much longer also, and there aren't any side effects. After using it, I can't imagine why anyone would want to use the
other. Matt AZ

Our Price: $56.95