Archangels, Angels, Guides & Masters

Archangels, Angels, Guides & Masters

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: AA-Angels-Guides-Masters
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Who are the Archangels, Angels, Guides & Masters

Class with Tiffany will include:

  • Training Manuel
  • Who are they, what their roles are and how you can work with them
  • Hierarchy of Angels from Cherubim to Seraphim
  • How to use the "Four Directions" in a Ceremony
  • Who are the Archangels and their Divine Compliment
  • Twelve Thrones of the Angelic Kingdom and their roles
  • Meet the Archangels of the Zodiac
  • Who are the sixteen most active Archangels
  • Archangel Sigils (Symbols) written in Angelic Language
  • How to use the "Protective Shield" of Archangel Michael
  • Creating an Angel Temple: How to host a ceremony with the Archangels in your home for a week!!!

Class time 9am to 4pm - Class dates coming soon


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