Reiki II Certification - Pre-requisite Reiki I

Reiki II Certification - Pre-requisite Reiki I

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: Reiki-II-Certification
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Reiki II Class with Tiffany will include:
  • Training Manuel
  • How to use the ancient traditional Reiki symbols with Pure Integrity
  • Attunements to create a stronger connection with focused energy to the symbols
  • A crystal will be infused with each symbols energy
  • Programming of crystals with intention
  • How to perform a long distance Reiki session with or without a proxy
  • Prepare a "Reiki Healing Book" for clients, family and theirself
  • How to properly "Cleanse and Seal" a room with Reiki symbols
  • How to properly use Reiki II Symbols during chair and table sessions
  • Certificate of Completion
Limited to six students -- Sun 9-2 & Mon 9-3 -- Class dates coming soon


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